Top 5 Heavy Duty Door Hinge Manufacturers

Find out which heavy duty door hinge manufacturers are best for your project can be hard to find on the internet because let’s be honest, it is a bit a niche subject to write about!

However, I have had this problem in the past when making my own hidden bookshelf and trying to find unbiased information is actually very difficult to find.

You can find a whole load of information from the particular hinge manufacturers, but this is obviously biased and doesn’t really give you what you want to know.

So this is why I decided to write a quick blog post about this subject so hopefully it will help you to make a more informed decision about what heavy duty door hinge maker is right for you and you particular project.

Quick Intro

It’s easy to overlook heavy duty door hinges as being an important part of security and sanity for your home.  Yes I said sanity.  If you doubt this, try living with squeaky door hinges for 10 years!  It gets old fast.

When it comes to security, having heavy duty locks on your doors is only one piece of the puzzle.  Without heavy duty door hinges, the best and most advanced lock in the world is not going to make a bit of difference.

With that being said let’s take a look at the top heavy duty door hinge manufacturers.

What Are The Best Heavy Duty Door Hinge Manufacturers?

This list is in no particular order, but you can make a decision about the type of door hinge you need based upon the details provided and think whether you want to compromise in some areas, or don’t want to compromise at all.

Number Five: Dynasty Hardware

Mainly specializing in commercial grade hardware, Dynasty is going to be the go to company when it comes to have duty.  You want to have a thickness of two quarters stacked together, which the leaves of Dynasty Hardware Door Hinges provide.

This is important when holding up heavy doors and/or frustrating thieves who try to break in with brute force.

The hinges come with both metal and wood screws.


There is one small issue that the wood screws are all the same length of 2”.  Sometimes, manufactures provide one 3’” to 4” screw to go all the way through the frame.  However, this is only a small issue and will not prevent the Hinges from performing at their peak level and keeping your door safe and secure.

Number Four: Soss

Sometimes, you do not want to see hinges in the first place, you want invisible hinges.  It can take away from the overall feel of the house much like too many cords from an entertainment center.

The solution is invisible door hinges and Soss is the boss!

Now, these are mainly for hidden doors, but there are a good variety of applications where concealed door hinges would be ideal.  The quality on these concealed hinges is top notch.

The only drawback being you will need to use more pressure when opening these doors due to the hinges tolerance.

Number Three: Emtek

If you have never heard of Emtek before; you are not alone.

For some strange reason they are not as well known as the other companies listed, especially soss who seem to dominate this whole area.  However, once you see their Door Hinges, you will see why they are on this list.  Top Quality and as Heavy Duty as they come.

These hinges will protect you in all situations.

The one drawback is price.  Make sure to have some extra money in the bank because these bad boys are not cheap.  However, when it comes to reliability and strength, you can’t find a better option.

Number Two: Quality knobs and Hardware

If price is a big factor then Quality Knobs and Hardware is the manufacturer for you.

They generally have both exceptional quality and an affordable price, it is the best of both worlds to be honest.  You can utilize their various different door hinges for both commercial and residential uses.

Emtek just edges this manufacturer when it comes to durability from my own experience and that of others I have spoken with, but that is not to say that these hinges are not tough, because they are very tough and as previously said, are great for the money.

Number One:  Sentinel

Melding together the top qualifications for a heavy duty door hinge, we have Sentinel.

With both a decent price and exceptional strength, Sentinel should not be overlooked, in fact I would even go so far as to say you should actively seek them out.

Though not the cheapest, it is fairly priced for the quality you receive.  For both commercial and residential applications this one be my personal recommendation.

To Sum Up All This Door Hinge Talk!

Whether you are looking for invisible hingesheavy duty hinges, or even garage door hinges, this list will get you started.

It’s kind of funny how important such a small piece of hardware is to a building.  The right hinge could be what sets your home or business apart from others.

Quality and safety matter.

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