Add A Hidden Door Hinge System For A Little Mystery

You can make an addition to your home today that is certain to make it stand out from others. Making a secret bookcase door is the most awesome idea.

This is most likely something you have seen in a movie or read about in story books. There are many intriguing stories with secret rooms hidden behind a bookcase.

Using a hidden door hinge system has been a long time architectural favorite of cults and secret societies who always required a mysterious and hidden place to meet.

Nothing is more exciting than having this secret entrance hidden in plain sight. Almost any home can easily feature a hidden door hinge system behind their favorite bookcase.

All it requires is a little technical knowledge and hard work.

A secret room can be easily installed and hidden from the prying eyes of strangers. Children will be fascinated by a secret room hidden behind the bookcase, especially if this is a place where they can play.

They will most likely loose complete interest in any ideas of a tree house or old fort, once they have a secret hideout in their home that no-one is aware of!

These hidden door hinge systems are not sold with a bookcase. You will have to either make your own or buy one. The package consists of all the necessary hardware required to mount a hidden door that is able to swing in or out. This fixture will be seamlessly integrated with the wall.

This includes the top and bottom hinges with screws that are easily able to support up to 250 pounds. This weight also accounts for the bookcase which will need to be filled with books if your guests are to remain in the dark.

The hidden door hinge system comes with a booklet that has complete step by step instructions on how to affix your concealed door. It is explained in an easy to understand manner.

However, you will be required to have at least a minimal level of handyman skills if you want to install a secret bookcase door on your own. Having the only house in the neighborhood with a secret room behind the bookcase will be a result that is well worth it.

This hidden door hinge system will ensure that your guests remain mystified while your family members are constantly entertained for years to come. The door will always be a fun attraction in your home even when the novelty wears off.

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