5 Benefits Of Invisible Hinges

Now it’s the time to make your door and cabinet hinges disappear with the great invention of invisible hinges. If you are concerned about giving the ultimate square-set look to your home interior, then an invisible hinge set will help to keep all of your cabinets looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

This is because they will allow the clean lines of your door to remain uninterrupted, which most people nowadays are really starting to get into for all kinds of reasons including creating exciting new projects like hidden doors and so on!

The days of traditional or conventional hinges are pretty much numbered now that we have the options of invisible hinges or concealed hinges and for good reason.

When I have been making cabinets for customers in the past, I had to rely on difficult to source, (where I lived at the time), European hinges. They did the job perfectly but the point is that people are starting to want something a bit more interesting and good looking.

Are you still confused about the functionality of invisible hinges in comparison to the traditional hinges?

Well let’s have a brief discussion of its functionality and benefits so that you can install them at your home without any doubts:

My 5 Benefits Of Invisible Hinges

Great Functionality

Invisible hinges enable your door to open 180° and  have great adjustability as well as refined structural sturdiness.

Invisible door hinges allow for ultimate flush exterior design for any desired door for your choice- be it your wall door, hidden bookcase or cabinet door.

In fact, when I now travel to the hardware store, invisible cabinet hinges are usually front and center in the home section!

Usually most industrial construction companies will still use standard hinges, however even that is becoming a rarer thing and there are now even heavy duty door hinge manufacturers that are designing some really nice heavy duty hidden door hinges, I know this because I just got some installed on a friends front gate.


The greatest benefit of invisible door hinges is that its accomplishing design that allows them to remain completely hidden from the view when your door is closed.

OK, so that is obvious, right!?

Well, for some people it may not sound like a big deal, but if you have any kind of hidden door system, you can understand the difference that concealed hinges really make.

You have the options of hidden hinges for:

  • Closets
  • Kitchen & bathroom cabinets
  • Work studios
  • Car doors
  • Utility boxes
  • Carpentry projects
  • Industrial boxes
  • Safety boxes

There is really a whole ton of other applications that invisible hingescan help you with, but the reason that I added this point is because it is of course the most important part of looking for a hidden door hinge!

Easy to Adjust

Another advantage of using invisible door hinges is that they can be more adaptable than a standard hinge set. With the use of concealed hinges on a cabinet door for example, you can hide minor imperfections in its construction.

If no hinge exists outside that looks crooked, nobody is likely to notice your door that hangs a little and throws off the entire design.

I know I shouldn’t really be encouraging this, but if you are a professional carpenter then most likely you will know all of this information already. However if you are anything like me, then perfection is rarely achieved!

Moreover, you can adjust invisible hinges in three directions (width, height and depth), which can give you more flexibility when working on certain projects.


In case of installation, you will be greatly benefited by using invisible hinges rather than traditional door hinges.


Well, they are usually a lot easier to install, as most of them are available in a simple clip on and off pattern where you don’t need to use any tools, (this is different for every hidden door hinge manufacturer though and you should always read the instructions first).

Therefore you can perform this simple task with a much easier process and you will get used to them very quickly.

Strength and Durability

The 5th and final benefit of invisible hinges in your house, is that it will deliver strength as well as durability to your heavier cabinet door applications.

Additionally, the removable covers of some manufacturers will give additional clean looking finish when your door remains fully open.

The fact that they remain inside the place they are used means that they are hidden away from various knocks and bangs that can overtime, loosen the screws holding them in place.

This is especially true when you think of cabinets that are made of chipboard and laminated on both sides. The screws in these things are not tremendously secure at the best of times, so an invisible hinge will help to protect it somewhat.


If you are impressed enough now with invisible hinge technology, you should really consider installing them at your home or whenever necessary to give your projects an extra degree of quality.

The best place to look first would be the internet and I really hope that you got some useful information from this post.

I will also be writing another post about the best invisible hinges suppliers in the future, so make sure to keep your eyes open :)

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