15 Creative kitchen storage ideas For Your DIY House Project

15 incredibly Creative kitchen storage ideas

I don’t know about you,

But I am constantly looking for ways to maximize the storage in my kitchen.

Let me be honest with you; most of the time it looks like someone has thrown a a grenade into my cupboards and then another one for good measure! Well this awesome list of 15 amazingly creative kitchen storage ideas should help us all out and make our kitchens look like the model kitchens they deserve to look like!

Make use of the inside of your cupboards

Utilize every space in your kitchen, by making use of the inside of your cupboards. Make sure though that any new storage doesn’t protrude too far inside and stops the door closing properly!

Creative kitchen storage ideas

By using the inside door of your cupboards, you are instantly adding another storage section.

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Store your measuring cups/ spoons on the inside 

Easy solution to an annoying problem. Stick some thin strips of wood to the inside of your cupboard door, and hand some of your measuring spoons for easy access.

Creative kitchen storage ideas 1

Why not utilize the inside of your cupboards to store your measuring spoons. Just attach some hooks and hang them from the inside!

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Use chalkboard paint to stay organized 

Why not turn the inside of a cupboard door into a notice board. Ever find yourself forgetting small things and then having to run out the shops to get it? Well some blackboard paint and a piece of chalk is all that is needed to solve this!

Creative kitchen storage ideas 2

Chalkboard paint is a quick & easy way to turn the inside of your cupboard into a list of things to buy/ get/ do...

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Pegboard Perfection!

A pegboard doesn’t just have to be for the garage and hanging power tools. Install one onto an empty wall, paint it a nice color to match the decor and then hang your most commonly used items from it.

Creative kitchen storage ideas 3

Pegboards don't have to just be for the garage. Why not use to hang your pots & pans etc from the wall. Just be sure to paint it a nice color first!

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Turn your fridge into a spice rack

This one is my favorite. All you need to do is glue some small magnets to the lid of a small spice jar, write the name of the spice onto the bottom of the jar (so you know what it is), then stick it to your fridge. It looks fun and is highly useful!

Creative kitchen storage ideas 4

Turn your fridge into a spice rack by gluing a magnet to the lid, writing the name of the spice on the bottom and sticking it to your fridge

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Use the sides of your cupboards

What a waste the sides of your cupboards really are! Get some racks and hooks from your local hardware store, attach to the side of a cupboard not in use and then hang your cooking tools from it.

Creative kitchen storage ideas 5

Wasted space is useless space. Use the sides of your cupboards to hang your kitchen utensils from. A simple rack & hooks will do just fine.

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Stick magnet racks to your fridge

Another great use for magnets. Glue some strong magnets to a holding container and then attach to your fridge for quick access to commonly used ingredients. Just make sure not to overfill it so it doesn’t slide down to the floor!

Creative kitchen storage ideas 6

Stick strong magnets to a simple plastic container & stick to your fridge. You can use to store simple things such as salt & pepper etc.

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Make your under sink cupboards work for you!

Similar to number 7, but for the cupboard underneath your sink. Get some cheap hooks with the sticky backs, attach to the inside of your door and then hang a small basket from them.

Creative kitchen storage ideas 7

Make your under sink cupboards work for you by sticking some cheap hooks to the inside of the door & hanging a rack from it.

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Organize your freezer like your pantry

Why do we not think of the freezer as another storage unit? Organize it like you would a cupboard by utilizing storage containers, and you will find that not only will you free up space, but when you go to defrost it, your job will be easier. Make sure to sign up below to get your free Fridge Freezer guide 🙂

Creative kitchen storage ideas 12

Organize your freezer like you would your pantry. There is no rule against putting things in their own containers and then putting them in.

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File your bake stands in cutting boards

This one is really for those of you that bake a lot. If so, you can use a cutting rack to store your baking trays in the upright position in order to easily access them.

Creative kitchen storage ideas 8

If you bake a lot, why not store your baking trays in a cutting board. They are upright and are easily to hand!

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Put your bulky appliances inside a cupboard

Is there a rule saying that our appliances have to reside on the counter top? No is the answer to that, so why not put them in some cupboard space and free up your counter for more useful and commonly used items.

Creative kitchen storage ideas 9

Put your big, bulky electronic appliances inside open front cupboards. This way you can use the space otherwise taken up; for other things.

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Store commonly used ingredients in an above head storage unit

This one just makes sense really, why stash your most used hot cooking ingredients the other side of the kitchen!? By making use of an overhead unit, you can not only maximize space, but also increase efficiency when you cook. Not such a big deal for those of you with small families, but makes a BIG difference for those with large ones that need feeding!

Creative kitchen storage ideas 10

Free up your worktop space, by making use of an overhead storage unit. Store your most used ingredients there to cut down on clutter.

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Use dividers inside your drawers & label them

This tip is an obvious one at first, but with an added extra. We all know that drawer divers are great, but why not take them a step further and label each section so everything has a place to live. Everything has a place & everything in its place…lovely!

Creative kitchen storage ideas 11

Get yourself a nice divider inside your drawers. The trick is to label the units for increased efficiency and access when you need things.

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Place your most used plates & bowls on the counter top

I kicked myself for thinking about this one sooner! Basically, we can apply the 20/80 principle here. We all use about 20% of item about 80% of the time, so why not follow this rule and put the most used things easily to hand. I.e. we use plates & bowls a lot, so put them where they are easy to get!

Creative kitchen storage ideas 13

Place your most used plates & bowls on your counter top for easy access & space saving. An old crate on its side will do fine for this.

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Make underneath your sink look less like a bomb went off!

Don’t lie. Most of our cabinets underneath our sinks look awful; the guilty secret of even the most ardent kitchen organizer! So why not just apply the same idea as everything else and use small plastic containers to keep everything square and even.

Creative kitchen storage ideas 14

Does the space under your sink look like some threw a grenade inside? Why not use plastic containers to make everything organized & pretty.

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Check out the full video below from Simple Home Art Decor Ideas to see many more great creative kitchen storage ideas

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